Three Apocalyptic Horsemen

It was a cold and dark night when she sensed them like an itchy feeling in the neck, telling you something was coming. And it was, indeed it was. Heading through the starless sky, swallowing and devouring every little bit of hope and warmth inside the people’s hearts on their dark path of conquer. She heard of them before. Old fairy tales at the fire or whispered warnings between two harsh breaths. But never had she thought they where coming for her. Simply didn’t dared to. But they are here now.

Careful, child! As soon as they lay their cold dead eyes on you, there’s no escape. One is pitch black, no life left in his bony fingers. The other is white and hollow, leaving a feeling of neverending torture in you. And the last one is crimson red, rage flowing through his veins instead of blood. They’re called the three apocalyptic horsemen of waiting and dare, my child. Dare to stay too long at one place and they might haunt you as well.

The three horsemen, I’m too afraid to call them by their names. But still I do. For the sake of warning I do!

They’re called:
„I’m cold.“
„I’m hungry.“

And the worst, the leader of the deathly trio:
„I have to pee.“


Autorin: Anna von Totenschreiberin

2 Gedanken zu “Three Apocalyptic Horsemen

  1. I have the urge to explain myself on this story 😂 I wrote it in quite a hurry, waiting for my bus in the middle of a freezing, damp evening. Trying to distract myself I wrote this but my fingers were getting numb and I got into this weird state of expanding time, body numbness and having a focused and unfocused mind at the same time.
    Thanks for publishing 😘😘😘

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